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Grand Reboot and the Funky New Items!!!

Hello to all of my whimsical friends out there!! It's been a long time since I wrote my first blog, but we have redesigned, rebooted, and relaunched. I have created a lot of new items and added funky new photos to showcase them. It's been a long ride getting here but it has been fun. I thought several years ago that I would get the word out about my products, throw up a website and away we go...right? No, who knew that you would have to constantly update your website, make products, take custom orders and do craft shows, all at the same time and oh, by the way, have a life. Well my friends, I think I have figured out how to fine tune things. Which brings me to a subject about crafting expectations that I've been pondering. What do consumers look for when searching for crafts? Do they want something unique?, mainstream?, or do they want the same trending items that can be found at your local home décor store? Drop me a line and let me know your thoughts. Tell me what you would like to see? Are you finding the exact thing you're looking for? I promise I will respond if you do and I will be much better at posting my blogs. Until next time, keep it whimsical and funky!!

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